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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  February 13, 2020 10:30pm-10:46pm GMT

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that's incredible. what might his team—mates have embraced him after he opened up to them about his views, and fans locally feel excited about having one of the best playing for them. it's quite tough, fans don't seem to bit quite hysterical around here about issues. i think the media will move on. i think that will disappear. sport has a long history of granting second chances. the question is whether greater talent should equal quickerforgiveness? natalie perks, bbc news. the sporting calendar in asia continues to be decimated with two rugby sevens events the latest to be postponed due to the coronavirus. olympic organisers though insist tokyo 2020 will not be moving. austin halewood has more.
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first it was sporting events in china. we saw the chinese grand prix postpone on wednesday. but now events in other countries are starting to be affected. today it's been the singapore and hong kong tournaments that have been rescheduled. they've now been more than 40,000 cases of this coronavirus strain worldwide with it being declared a global health emergency. it all started in wuhan, china, but continues to affect sporting events across asia. now the tournaments in hong kong and singapore were both due to take place in april, but they've now been rescheduled for october. in a statement, world rugby champion said... meanwhile, manchester united striker has been training away from the club
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following his arrival from has been training away from the club following his arrivalfrom shanghai in january. united following his arrivalfrom shanghai injanuary. united have kept him away from the squad as a precautionary measure because of the small risk posed by coronavirus. because of fears he might struggle to get back into the country. looking a bit further forward now, the olympics are of course on the horizon, they get under way in five months‘ time in july horizon, they get under way in five months‘ time injuly in tokyo. the organisers of the game say they haven‘t even considered cancelling oi’ haven‘t even considered cancelling or postponing. translation: at tokyo 2020, we have set up countermeasures and headquarters set up. we are sharing information with the national institute of infectious diseases. also at the prime minister‘s office, counter also at the prime minister‘s office, cou nter ventures also at the prime minister‘s office, counter ventures for a new coronavirus have been established by the japanese government. just coronavirus. organisers in tokyo are
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confident the olympics will go ahead. but the most high—profile event to be postponed so far has been the chinese grand prix in shanghai. that was due to take place on 19 april. two weeks after the very first vietnamese grand prix on five april. now that race is still set to take place in the capital city of hanoi, which isjust 100 miles from the city of hanoi, which isjust100 miles from the chinese border. formula 1 bosses say they do expect the grand prix to go ahead, but unlike the sevens tournaments that i mentioned just a bit before, with an already packed schedule in the logistics of going to each and every race, it looks unlikely the chinese grand prix will be rescheduled. so in terms of the vietnamese one, they‘d be not to lose another one. —— desperate not to lose another one. lets have a look at some of the football headlines from today. arsenal have closed the gap on womens super league leaders manchester city to three points after winning 3—2 at liverpool.
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arsenal‘s vivianne miedema scored twice to seal the victory former premier league referee bobby madley is to return to english football — just under two years after being sacked for a video mocking a disabled person. he‘ll return to referee in leagues one and two next season. chelsea have agreed a deal of around 33 million pounds with ajax for winger hakim ziyech. the moroccan international will officially become frank lampard‘s first signing in the summer. fallon sherrock nearly pulled off another darting shock as she made history in the premier league. the first woman to take part in the event, she led glen durrant 6—4 in the best of 12 contest in nottingham. she needed one of the final two legs to win but durrant came back to force a 6—6 draw. he said he was lucky to get the draw. wigan ran in six tries in a convincing win over toronto wolfpack, without sonny bill williams. the kiwi superstar returned back to new zealand for the birth of his fourth child. and how his team—mates missed him on the pitch.
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man of the match bevan french scored two tries either side of half—time for wigan, and liam farrell completed the rout with two of his own in three second half minutes. toronto have lost all three of their opening super league games. let‘s rattle through some other sports stories where england hookerjamie george says he plans to stay with saracens next season, despite their relegation to the championship. the current premiership and european champions will play in the second tier next season as punishment for breaching the salary cap. new world number one rory mcilroy is four shots off the lead after a three under par opening round at the pga tour event in california. his round of 68 included two eagles, this one coming at his tenth hole. matt kuchar heads the field on seven under. and ronnie o‘sullivan has breezed through to the quarter finals of the welsh open after beating sohail vahedi 4—0 in cardiff. he‘ll play mark selby next.
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freestlyle bmx is making its olympic debut in tokyo and britain‘s best medal hope in the event is charlotte worthington. a few years ago, she was riding her bike forfun whilst working as a chef in a mexican restaurant in manchester. stuart pollitt‘s caught up with her. from the kitchen to the heat of olympic competition, she is writing herself into contention for a metal and tokyo. charlotte‘s sporting career started as a hobby. real basic equipment and local skate park and just go out and take some risks and enjoy yourself. i personally started writing skaters for many years and it was up until three years ago that i actually made a pledge to ride bmx. —— riding scooters. she was working as a chef around manchester and riding here on her days off until two years ago when the sport‘s
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inclusion in tokyo meant she could quit and train full—time. the best in the world get up at 6am and hit the gym hard, and trained all day. pressure is on for great britain. this is notjust a chance to be in tokyo, it is an opportunity to raise the profile of what they do and counter credit takes who say this is not an olympic sport. —— counter critics. there is a stigma that bmx is all very relaxed and we are not taking this as a professional sport but we changed our diet and habits and train hard because this is a dangerous part and you need to be fit and healthy to do it. i am definitely able to get a medal, i think the boys and girls team are capable of getting metals and tokyo 2020. and current form, she has all the ingredients needed for a success. that‘s all from the bbc sport centre. more including a report where mclaren have unveiled their car
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ahead of the start in australia next month. you can find plenty more on that and all the stories on our website. more after 11pm. following us on sportsday, it‘s the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are jack blanchard, editor of the politico london playbook, and anna isaac, reporter at the wall streetjournal. great to have you both in here with us. many of tomorrow‘s front pages are already in. the financial times leads
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on sajid javid stepping down as chancellor after rejecting borisjohnson‘s order to sack his team of advisers and aides. similarly, the metro also focuses on sajid javid quitting in a row with borisjohnson over his special advisers. he has been replaced by his deputy, rishi sunak. aside from sajid javid, others have lost their places in cabinet. that‘s on the front page of the guardian. alok sharma has replaced andrea leadsom as business secretary. the daily express dubs borisjohnson as the "iron man" after he ordered saijd javid to fire his closest aides ahead of a cabinet re—shuffle. and the daily mail features a story on prince harry and meghan markle. the paper reports they are axing up to 15 of their uk staff and closing their buckingham palace office. in spite of that, there really is only one story in town, isn‘t there?
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sajid javid really on the front of every single front page, isn‘t he? thrown under the bus, the headline from the metro, in reference to the fa ct from the metro, in reference to the fact that sajid javid is the son of a bus driver, as he was are often driven to remind us. was he thrown under a bus, or was driven to remind us. was he thrown undera bus, orwas this driven to remind us. was he thrown under a bus, or was this a government in disarray? what do you make of the way the resignation was handled? this is not what were shovels or meant to look like, this is not what boris johnson shovels or meant to look like, this is not what borisjohnson expected to happen when he woke up this morning dust reshuffle. i don‘t think i‘ve seen one go as badly as this for quite some time. they decided in number ten to make a power grab over other parts of the government, most notably the treasury by installing their advisers, or advisers they had sanctioned all over government. we knew they had a particular problem with sajid javid‘s advisers, they‘ve been saying that privately and briefing inc. to the papers. today
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was the day that clash finally happened, and i think sajid javid surprised a lot of people by not agreeing to this and going along with it, but instead saying it will go no further. "if you expect my staff, you sack me as well." so he walked out of this job. we staff, you sack me as well." so he walked out of thisjob. we haven‘t had a reshuffle like this in quite some time. you are nodding, do you see the way the day has played out ina similarway? see the way the day has played out in a similar way? i think there has beena in a similar way? i think there has been a way in which people have miscalculated how enraged sajid javid became by the treatment of his staff over the past few months. it's worth reminding that it was dominic cummings had sacked one of sajid javid‘s staff, hadn‘t he? and it was a woman, she was almost escorted from the building, wasn‘t she? a woman, she was almost escorted from the building, wasn't she? yes, literally escorted. and i think that set a difficult relationship on an even tougher course. i think it would be fair to say stop so i think
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the acts had already been calculated by sajid javid before he went in, so he knew where his line was and decided to stick to it. but i think it was felt that by presenting it as a "sharing a team between number ten and 11, not just a "sharing a team between number ten and 11, notjust taking a "sharing a team between number ten and 11, not just taking yours" a "sharing a team between number ten and 11, notjust taking yours" was a "sharing a team between number ten and 11, not just taking yours" was a big brick compromise on how to rebuild the country, but actually it was seen rebuild the country, but actually it was seen as removing rebuild the country, but actually it was seen as removing the treasury's autonomy and not respecting as a union. so you think it was as much a surprise to sajid javid as it was his response a response to boris johnson? no, i wouldn't his response a response to boris johnson? no, iwouldn't say his response a response to boris johnson? no, i wouldn't say that. but where it is difficult to tell in that regard, i think he certainly had his line in mind before he entered the discussion. and i think asi entered the discussion. and i think as i say, he had already been quite angry about the situation. there had definitely been conversations amongst sajid javid‘s team that this might happen, and this might be something downing street might try to do. they had discussed how they would respond to something like
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this, he‘d obviously made his mind up this, he‘d obviously made his mind up that he wouldn‘t accept it, he probably thought the prime minister would back down because he was going to let the chancellor resigned over this issue over exactly who their advisers are. you probably wouldn‘t have expected borisjohnson to hold the line so firmly. equally at number ten, they would‘ve expected it sajid javid to walk out rather than accept us. so i think both sides miscalculated strength of feeling. but in the independent, there‘s a slightly different take. they say there were suspicions that number ten was prepared for the move as treasury chief rishi sunak was summoned within minutes to take over at sajid javid‘sjob. summoned within minutes to take over at sajid javid‘s job. what do you think? i think you often have people waiting by in the wings during a reshuffle, it is part of what heightens the drama. i don't think we can necessarily breed that much into the timing of his arrival. that meeting between boris and sajid javid, which i would‘ve loved to have been a fly on the wall for that, went on for a long time, over an hour. they were arguing about it,
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i think it wasn‘t a heated argument but it was very clearly to sites that weren‘t moving, they took a break at one point and came back in. there would‘ve been plenty of time for officials around them to know this wouldn‘t have been going well. was dominic cummings there? he was not in that meeting, other advisers were. part of it i‘m told, they were just the two men left in there to hashit just the two men left in there to hash it out amongst themselves. interesting. let‘s look at the independent, sajid javid forced out of number 11 independent, sajid javid forced out of number11 and independent, sajid javid forced out of number 11 and cummings‘s power grab. they‘re putting the blame firmly at the feet of dominic cummings. is that the whole story?|j think cummings. is that the whole story?” think in terms of leading the charge on special advisers, i think it has beena on special advisers, i think it has been a well—established narrative within westminster that dominic cummings has been dashed the relationship with special advisers in the media, and the civil service, as well as with their ministers, has not been appropriate, in his view, and he has wanted to be a broom
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sweeping clean in that regard, cancelling holidays — there was a whole narrative in the run—up to brexit day, as i think the decision has been maintained on what to expect from him. is it true that he said he instituted this meeting on 6:30am ona said he instituted this meeting on 6:30am on a friday evening? they all have to be there at 6:30pm on a friday night so nobody dreams of going home early on friday. we can talk about the stuff is if it‘s just about the personalities involved, like it‘s all about sajid javid up and down, dominic cummings and these advisers who most people don‘t care about. but there is something bigger going on here about how downing street controls the rest of the government, which is slightly behind—the—scenes but it is really important. we‘ve typically had different power bases around whitehall, different departments, expertise and those departments saying this it is or isn‘t a good idea, downing street suggested something... that is how government
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normally works. what dominic cummings is


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